Have a good sleep..

Do you experienced fatigue, tiredness, and feel as if you’ve got no energy to wake up in the morning and get ready for work? Do you over worked, overused your body without getting sufficient rest and sleep at night?  Well, if you are having that telltale signs, you must listen and take note cause your body is telling you that it need the rest. It’s kind of already programmed in our brain.You may tried to push yourself to keep awake, drank pots of coffee and practically put a stick to keep your eyelids open, but hey! who are you trying to kidding, eh? when you stayed up or pushed your body to the extreme like that, that’s self-abusive.a kind of. Truth is, you are just damaging your body and in the long run, would cause damages to the health of your brain and mind too.

So, to balance that lets try giving your body an optimum rejuvenating power and optimum rest by using Bio Velocity Sleepmate or BVSM. It’s a comforter-like and can be use both as mattress cover (under your bedsheet: as its queen size, easily to be fitted at each corner) or as blanket (selimut).
BVSM functions and capabilities (among others) are to neutralize and balance the frequencies of our body, from extensively being exposed to so much radiation from electronic appliances in our daily life such as our smart phones, computers and television. BVSM also able to improve the flow and circulation of our blood system, and this promote better and much stronger natural immunization to our body.

It is created and packed with the pure energy from sun based on 20-years research conducted by the Scientist in Russia.The BVSM is also injected with Bamboo Salt and further balanced to allow the goodness and energy seeping and penetrating body and helping to promotes better blood circulation and improves our pysical being.


The clinical test conducted on the effect of BVSM have shown the increase of energy level in human body as below :-


The test result below also shown the increase of energy in water after being put on BVSM

Bio Velocity 2

 Natural Energy Power in BVSM are safe, non-bacterial, strengthen immune system, stabilize emotion, balancing the pH and functions of human body, supplying the higher active oxygen and increase the energy in our body.



 Do contact me Chahshue 013 2232377 if you would like to know more, experience & feel the energy from BVSM today!



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